NEW Permaculture series

What will you...

NEW Permaculture series

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What will you...

Introducing Su Dennett - a wise and bold permaculture elder who has more than half a lifetime of embodied permaculture knowledge to share.

We’ve been filming Su, busy in the heart of Melliodora, as she shares her knowledge of seasonal eating, creative frugality, kitchen staples, building household and community resilience, goat care, and the kind of permaculture wisdom that should be on every school syllabus.

And we are nearly ready to launch.

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Ostii filming Su Dennett in the kitchen at Melliodora Permaculture Property.

Meet Su Dennett, an original radical homemaker.

In a series of sessions filmed at Melliodora, the home she shares with her partner, permaculture co-originator David Holmgren, Su will walk you through the step by step processes of how she makes her favourite kitchen staples, closing the food loop and how to run a permaculture household with grace and good humour.

Soak up some precious wisdom from one of the most radical women in permaculture.
Each season contains a bundle of six how-to’s, featuring the one and only Su Dennett plus a cohort of knowledgeable permaculture homesteaders.

Each video in the bundle will be released fortnightly to give you a chance to try out what you have learnt, finishing with a live online Q&A with the wise woman herself.

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