Want to know more about Permaculture?

Explore Melliodora, one of the best examples of cool-temperate climate permaculture in the world.

Situated in the Victorian central highlands, this one hectare property has been transformed from a blackberry covered wasteland into a model of small scale intensive permaculture. 

In this online tour, David Holmgren and his partner Su Dennett will show you how their passive solar house, mixed food gardens, orchards, dams and livestock, as well as creek revegetation, have been developed and maintained. 

Discover ways that you can apply the underlying permaculture principles and strategies to your own situation.

25 VIDEO SESSIONS / 6+ hrs

House and garden tour.

At Melliodora you will see how permaculture can produce an abundance of food and other yields from a beautiful living environment.​

12 VIDEO SESSIONS / 2.5+ hrs

Melliodora house tour.

Explore the house, the heart of system.

David and Su show you how they have set up their beautiful home and the various systems that keep it running smoothly and efficiently. 

Tour may be purchased individually.

13 VIDEO SESSIONS / 2.5+ hrs

Melliodora garden tour.

Explore the food gardens and orchards, meet the livestock and see the bushfire resistant design. 

David will take you on a deep dive into all aspects of Melliodora, a vibrant and well established permaculture property.

Tour may be purchased individually.

Have a sneak peek...

The house

Passive Solar

Cool Cupboard with Su

The garden

Veggie Garden

Orchard Systems

Just a few of the topics covered!

Passive Solar


Heating / Cooling

Building Use


Food Storage

Water Use

Veggie Gardens


Poultry & Goats

Fire Planning

Tree Harvesting

Explore Melliodora
at your leisure.

House Tour

$ 15
  • One year access
  • 12 videos + resources
  • 2.5+ hrs of footage

Garden Tour

$ 15
  • One year access
  • 13 videos + resources
  • 2.5+ hrs of footage

House & Garden Bundle

$ 25
  • One year access
  • 25 videos + resources
  • 6+ hrs of footage

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No.  The Melliodora Online Tour is perfect for those who are newly curious, and equally as relevant for those who are already living by the Permaculture Principles.  

You can read more about Melliodora here.  

If you would like to explore more of David's work have a look at the Holmgren Design website.

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