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  1. Hi folks,

    I’m Beck Lowe. David and I are the lead tutors on this PDC, and I will also be facilitating sessions with guest presenters. All going according to plan, I’ll see you at every live session!

    I live on Taungurung country, near Heathcote in central Victoria. I’ve been developing my permaculture farm here since 1998. I did my PDC in the mid-90s and never looked back!

    I have practical permaculture experience in private and community spaces in inner city, urban and rural areas, and write about and teach permaculture in a range of formats. I’m involved in various other PDCs around Victoria. My formal qualifications include a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture, BSc and Diploma of Permaculture.

    I also worked with David on ‘RetroSuburbia’, and we co-authored ‘Our Street’, reinterpreting his ‘Aussie St’ story for kids. I am currently completing a book on permaculture and animals, and I’m a director of Melliodora Publishing.

    I’m very excited to be running a PDC in this new format! Beck

    1. Stacey Smithers

      Hi Everyone. Sorry for late introduction. I am currently living and working on whajuk bingareb boodjar in Perth, in Western Australia . Although I tend to be somewhat nomadic these days and often also work up on Bunuba and Goondiyandi country in the NW of WA. I work mostly in the work for the dole space, upskilling people to grow food and increasing food security on communities. I’ve been involved in the Permaculture world for about 20 years, have taught it in schools and through my business. My mojo has been low lately, so my motivation for doing the course is to refill my batteries in a complicated time. I also love learning from David, and thought it would be interesting to engage with people who are relatively new to permaculture and approach things with a beginners mind as a student rather than a facilitator. Looking forward to the journey. Stacey

  2. Thanks Beck for kicking this off in every sense. I am very excited to be working with you in teaching an online PDC using the new Holmgren Hub platform. Since 1985 my partner in life Su Dennett and I have lived and worked at Melliodora Hepburn central Victoria which is Dja Dja Warrung country. An intense working relationship over two years with Bill Mollison was the origin of the permaculture concept and the book Permacultrue One (1978) that set the course of my life dedicated to creating the world we want by living it each day. Within the spectrum of permaculture practical skills I am an ecological builder, gardener, forester and general fix it man but my work in the wider world has been as a consultant designer, writer, speaker, and educator. I have developed a reputation as a big picture abstract thinker; a public intellectual working outside academia. Over the decades about one third of my time as been paid work (self employed and small business), one third voluntary and pro bono work, mostly broadly related to permaculture and one third in the household economy (gardening etc) directly providing for personal and family needs.
    Alignment of values, and complementary roles with Su over 40 years has enabled us to chart our own course without being overly dependent or influenced by society’s norms (and avoiding both debt and dependence on outside funding). At Melliodora we share the work and fruits of the property and the surrounding managed commons with others in three semi-autonomous households.

  3. Alisa Redsell

    Hi everyone, I’m Alisa. I live in Ararat, Victoria on Djab wurrung country.

    I studied science (conservation biology and computational maths) and civil engineering at uni and have worked in various roles across the public service since graduating.

    My latest role was with Parks Victoria working on the Grampians Peaks Trail, but I’m currently on maternity leave to take care of my 9 month old daughter.

    I’ve always enjoyed growing my own veggies and my partner and I are looking to create a simpler and more sustainable life. We have a large block of land near Casterton and I’m doing this course to help me plan and set up the gardens there!

  4. Alisa Redsell

    Hi everyone, I’m Alisa. I live in Ararat, Victoria on Djab wurrung country.

    I studied science (conservation biology and computational maths) and civil engineering at uni and have worked in various roles across the public service since graduating.

    My latest role was with Parks Victoria working on the Grampians Peaks Trail, but I’m currently on maternity leave to take care of my 9 month old daughter.

    I’ve always enjoyed growing my own veggies and my partner and I are looking to create a simpler and more sustainable life. We have a large block of land near Casterton and I’m doing this course to help me plan and set up the gardens the

  5. Silvina Hausheer

    Hi Everyone, My name is Silvina, I am 31 yo and I live in Cronulla, NSW.

    I studied Accounting and I work in a startup studio helping founders launch and grow impactful businesses.

    I am originally from a small subtropical town in the North of Argentina, Sustainability was always something that I predicated. After having a cultural shock understanding how industrialized the food system could be in “first world countries” and how much plastic was around, I discovered Permaculture a couple of years ago while searching on the internet. Since then I could not stop dreaming about the day that we all be living under these principles.

    As I want to lead by example, I am taking this course to instruct myself, so I can start the change and empower others to do the same.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!


  6. Garlone Egels

    Hello everyone,

    I am Garlone. I live in Brussels, Belgium (yes, I will have fun with time differences on Saturdays 😉 and am 53. I am French speaking (so please, excuse my English).

    I’ve had almost as many lives as a cat. Yet, for three years now, I am fully dedicated to learning and practicing as much as I can around permaculture.

    I followed a PDC in French, here in Belgium with Terre&Conscience, will be following a Design+ course in Le Petit monde de Desnié this month, a micro-farm training at the Bec Hellouin and a food-forest training with Franck Nathié (both in France). I am preparing a portfolio to get an accreditation in order to teach PDCs. In the meantime, I read as much as possible and train on designs (for free) for friends and family gardens/terraces.

    My tiny garden in Brussels has been “permaculturized” two years ago.

    As for the future, I am up to good, I hope. We have a 3Ha property in the Ardennes were I will open a permaculture centre in 2023. There I will focus teaching towards teenagers and low income families (as permaculture is still a “trendy” business in Europe and should become available to everyone, especially those suffering the most from the various crises we go through).

    Why this PDC? Going to the source – Australia – David – Beck – was the epitome of PDC trainings for me.

    So looking forward to join you all!

  7. G’day everyone. My name is Jim and I live in Newcastle NSW. A late 50s father of 4 and grandpa to 3 (4 by next Feb😊).

    Originally from the UK and came to Australia in 2008 with the family. One child married a Scot and another a German, so together with my youngest daughter adopted from Hubei province in China, we’re a reasonably diverse bunch!

    Professionally I have been in two Air Forces for my entire working life. Always interested in a self build house and an off-grid life (in terms of mainstream thinking as much as power), this dream will begin with the PDC and subsequent development of 53ha of fields and littoral forest about 90km NE from Newcastle which I bought a few weeks ago. I leave full time work on 1 Jan, so all in I guess.

    Exciting and terrifying in equal measure!

    Looking forward to meeting you all and learning from the huge experience amongst the group.


  8. Jordan Bromhead

    Hello – My name is Jordan, I am 29, a wife and mother to two little ones 1 and 3 years old. Originally from Ngunawal country (Canberra) but moved to Dharawal Country (North Nowra) in March 2020.

    I have a Bachelors degree in Nutrition but went on to work at Parliament House for 3years in various roles.
    We moved to Nowra 2 years ago and life flipped on its head. I found permaculture and see it as an integration point for my life and varied skills and passions.

    We currently live on a 1000m^2 block that I can cultivate immediately and this will be the basis of my learning in this course. But we are leading a church community who have the two surrounding sites amassing a very large space with great potential for cultivation, and social and communal capacity. I am very excited to get stuck into the gardening application of the permaculture principles but my eyes are also a little higher on the horizon line in looking at the social and communal applications of permaculture in doing ‘life’ more sustainably.

    I can’t wait to meet you all and get stuck in.


  9. Hi everyone,
    I’m Megan tuning in from Birpai country on the Mid North Coast of NSW.
    My professional background is in community service including working with disability, elder, metal health, youth and First Nations communities. I am a counsellor, coach, nature based therapist and passionate training facilitator around those things that are really important to me.
    My partner and I live on a suburban block that we moved into at the start of 2020. The first lockdowns gave us time to get to know our place and get started on working with the land we are now caring for. Earlier this year we were asked to open our garden for the Hasting Farm Gate Tour as one of only a couple of urban farms. The 2 days saw about 200 people come through our place and reignited my commitment to find the right PDC for me (My partner completed his PDC with Milkwood in 2013) so I could share more confidently with those people who are keen to learn more about permaculture. Having looked at so many courses over the years I could not believe my luck that when I was ready to just dive into one this course came up!
    I’m super excited to be here and to learn from David and Beck and all the guest speakers. I can’t wait to see what improvements we could make to our little urban farm and while I’m super keen to get more knowledge around the gardening bits it is the bigger picture and also the things I can do within our home that I am keen to explore more.
    I feel like I could keep ranting for ages because there is so much I am looking forward to in this course! Thank you for the opportunity Beck and David!
    See you all on Tuesday 🙂

  10. Simone Yendle

    Hello All,

    My name is Simone, and I am based in Preston, Victoria, on Wurundjeri country.

    I am currently between roles – hopefully between careers – and am doing a little soul searching. Previously, I worked in different areas of medical research, first as a researcher and later managing a not-for-profit.

    I have chickens and converted my little suburban block to have a mini-orchard and some edible gardens. But this was without following permaculture principles, and I could do better. I have been interested in sustainable design for a long time, have done some Permablitzes around Melbourne, and really love cooking with home-grown food.

    What do I hope to get out of it? To be honest, it was actually acknowledging that I could do the course “just for me” that made me bite the bullet (the online option really helped too – thank you). Because permaculture – or at least my limited understanding of sustainable, ecological design – has resonated very strongly with me for such a long time but I didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t see a career path, and previously that was all-consuming. Again, time for some soul searching.

    Very much looking forward to the course and meeting you all.

  11. Hi I’m Gemma -I live in the inner west of Sydney on Wangal country near the Cooks River. I am a singer, songwriter, singing educator and independent researcher. I started off as a performer and songwriter and never gave that up but moved as well to academia for a decade after completing a research PhD focussing on voice science. Unfortunately, academe left me no time for research so I’m doing that independently now, working on projects using singing to help revitalisation of Australian Indigenous languages. Locally and to earn a crust, I still perform, run a community choir and and do group singing for mental health in a psychiatric setting. I’ve noticed a theme in these introductions where people talk about turning points, moments of reflection and integration of skills. I’m aiming for all of those in doing this course. Twenty years ago I set up our home garden along permaculture lines using Rosemary Morrow’s Introduction to Permaculture (although the possums eat most of our produce – but at least we have possums now!). Since then I’ve been stewing away thinking about permaculture, environment, health and the arts and how to integrate them – always inspired by Indigenous cultures because integration is something they are so good at. I hope to come up with a couple of workable projects – maybe even a social enterprise- that expresses all this under the permaculture banner. And maybe I’ll find out how to deal with the possums as well. Looking forward to meeting you all on Tuesday!

  12. Hello, Felix here. I live with my partner Ann on Ngunnawal country in a small ex-government house on a very modest suburban block in the inner north in Canberra. We’ve been here since 1996 and done bits and pieces to make the house and garden sustainable, but I’d like to get it all better organised and more coherent.
    Ann and I both retired two years ago (she was a community nurse and I was a federal public servant, attempting to manage the environmental impact of a mid-sized government department) so we now have more time to work on house and garden. Like Gemma, we mostly seem to be feeding possums, as well as magpies, currawongs, wattle birds and a very cocky little butcher bird. Trying to get a bit here and there to eat ourselves!
    Because we’re quite inner suburban, the area around us is rapidly developing with townhouses and apartments and I suspect we’re on the way to becoming a bit of a “nail house”. So we’d like to at least be a good example of what a small house and garden can be, even in the inner city (as well as being a refuge for the critters mentioned).
    But I also want to try to “design” what remains of our lives as well as possible – we’ve already bought a couple of natural burial sites, so it’s about everything between now and then…
    Anyway, see you on Tuesday.

    1. Jessica Gourlay

      Hi Felix! (testing how these replies work…)
      I am out in Wamboin but still very close to you in Canberra – would love to catch up and share local resources. In particular I wanted to suggest that you would probably LOVE the Facebook group “The Urban Homesteading Club (Canberra and surrounds)” – absolutely brilliant local knowledge, gatherings and very permie/retrosuburbia.
      Cheers, Jess

  13. Hey everyone,
    I’m Lauren. I live on Worimi country, Mid North Coast NSW with my 2 kids (3 & 5yo) and husband.

    We are dairy farmers and have a small operation, milking an average 80-90 cows. My husband runs the farm regeneratively and we are in the process of locking up our forest country for carbon offset credits.

    I’m a branding and graphic designer mainly focusing on creating logos and brands for permaculture farms and businesses. I run my business from home which let’s me be flexible around family and the garden.

    I’m looking forward to the knowledge gained from the PDC to work better with my clients and to improve our home permaculture system.

  14. Paul MacCormack

    Hi everyone, my name is Paul. I live on Boonwurrung country, in Frankston North, Victoria with my wonderful partner, Olivia and our little 2 year old legend, Huxley.
    I have a qualification in Horticulture, spent many years in hospitality, have a Diploma of Sport Development which led to working with people in health and fitness as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and for the last 6 years I have been employed by a family looking after their property (which is a blend of ornamental and food gardens), and teach them yoga a couple of mornings each week as well. Dream “job”.

    I love food gardens and I love cooking, and sustainability. In my horticulture studies, many years ago, I was taught and took on so many terrible practices that do not align with my values and I am so excited to replace those practices with Permaculture principles and philosophies.
    Olivia, Huxley and I bought our first home at the end of last year, and at this stage our property will be my design project.
    I have wanted to do a PDC for so long! I am SO excited!!
    Can’t wait to meet you all, and have this experience together. 😃

  15. Hi there,

    My name is Sarah and I live on Darkinjung country in Berowra, north of Sydney. I am from the UK but moved here with my Australian husband, Andrew, and our two boys 7 years ago.

    I have been all sorts over the past decade from a Primary School Teacher to an Illustrator. I have always been drawn to a sustainable approach to life and have now landed very much on Permaculture as a path forward for me and my family. We have a great space with so much potential here in Berowra and I love the views and the nature that is all around us. We too have a resident possum and we love her a bit too much…not very helpful.

    I completed the Introduction to Permaculture with Penny Pyett at the Permaculture Sydney Institute this year. It was an absolute turning point in my life. My dream would be to create a community space at our home where people can share skills and join together in support and knowledge. I would also like to offer a space to families who have children who find school challenging. If I could provide some homeschooling programs for these children and if that meant they had their feet in the earth and could enjoy learning here then that would make me very happy.

    I am so looking forward to meeting you all.

  16. Hi all,

    My name is Steven, although I usually get Steve. I live in Ardeer, in the western suburbs of Melbourne with my wife and our 3 children(aged 6 to 10).

    I have an IT degree and worked across many industries over the last 25 years. Over the last 6 years, I’ve found myself looking for something else and in January this year, I resigned from my job and left the IT industry.
    I’ve always enjoyed being in the garden, starting with my grandparent’s garden when I was young. It was always full of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.
    When I first bought my own home,(inspired by my grandparents) I started growing some fruit trees and establishing my garden. Over the years my orchard of fruit trees has grown as has my veggie/herb and flower gardens.
    A few years ago my wife and I started looking at building a new home to accommodate our growing family, hopefully on a larger piece of land(hasn’t happened yet). This is when I started researching sustainable building practices/technologies and where I first came across permaculture. I only really started learning about permaculture, when COVID hit and found videos on youtube – one in particular of Dave Holmgren and Melliodora, which has inspired me to start making changes around my home. I did the onsite tour of Melliodora with Dave and Su at the beginning of the year, and recently enrolled in and completed the “Introduction to Permaculture” course with the guys at Milkwood. The next logical step was to do the PDC, and when I saw this course it seemed the next logical step for me.

    I’m looking forward to furthering my knowledge, meeting and learning from everyone here and using the knowledge to enhance my family’s way of life and assisting and contributing to my local community.

  17. Jessica Gourlay

    Hello everyone! I am humbled by above intros and very excited to be part of such a great crew.

    I am jess, currently living on 5 beautiful acres on Ngunnawal country (near Canberra). My partner is a gardener who grew up on a biodynamic farm. Together we have developed a thriving ecosystem on this beautiful land, nurture incredible soils where there was once dust and rock, and we grow most of our own vegetables. We’ve always erred towards biodynamic and organic methods but there is much more to learn and food forests and creating a thriving micro farm using small scale animal rotation systems has felt like the next step for us – we’ve both been dreaming about quitting our jobs, focussing on our home economy and being market gardeners for the last few years.

    Unfortunately some things outside our control see us leaving this beautiful home in coming months, we are diving deep into the change and picking our lives up to move to beautiful Yuin country -the Bega Valley. Here we will begin again with gusto and build soil and community. We look forward to sharing land with many and growing and learning together.

    I spend most of my time raising my babies, how quickly they grow and are now 2&3! I work for the federal government in an agency I love & enjoy – the ABS, I assist users access and understand our domestic violence data. And I also spend my spare moments volunteering with a group attempting to establish an eco village on the south coast of NSW.

    We’re dreaming big and a PDC has been on my mind for many years! I am so grateful for this online version which will accomodate my family. Thank you all for your reading energy x

  18. Hi everyone,

    Lovely to be joining you all:)
    My name is Heidi, I’m 44 and have recently moved to 2 beautiful acres in the valley of Araluen NSW. I’ve taken on renovating a 100year old small cottage (it’s more an un-liveable shack right now!) and most excited to be blooming this land – which is quite bare- and turning it into a sustainable food forest. I’m very new to all of this, and happy to be continually learning and having a career change away from corporate life.
    Current challenges include keeping out the wildlife before I even start!

  19. My name is Ryan Kudasik (kah-dah’-sick). I live in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, USA (just outside Gettysburg, PA). My wife, Joy, and our two boys (2 and 5) are [slowly] transforming our 3.6 acres into an abundant homestead. We’ve been on this property since Jan 2016.

    For the first half of my life I was just an oblivious piece of driftwood. I was carried along by any current. I had spent a lot of time behind a computer. One day in 2008 I realized that I couldn’t eat a micro-chip. Thus started my personal great awakening. For five years I did research, and discovered what I considered to be the biggest problems human face, namely: peak energy, broken economic systems (debt and consumption), and environmental issues.

    Enter Permaculture. I discovered it in 2012 (has it been ten years already!?). It was the linchpin for me. I now saw solutions to the problems. I was so excited that first summer, I went on a thirty mile hike on the Finger Lake Trail in New York State and carried the Designer’s Manual with me.

    Professionally, I’m an Instructional Designer. I received my Master’s in Instructional Technology in 2005. Since then, I have worked in corporate, non-profit, and higher ed. I help design curricula, training modules, and college courses. Currently I work at a local community college to help faculty put their classes online.

    While I was employed at a local university (2014-2019) I took advantage of free tuition and earned 33 credits towards a Geo-Environmental degree. A few of the classes I took were Hydrology, Soils, Economic Geography, Atmosphere, and GIS I & II.

    I have an entrepreneurial mindset. For one side-gig, I perform vehicle lockouts (four or five a month usually). I also sell hickory nuts at hickoryNuts.com. Personally I think they are the most delicious nut in the world! If only I can get them out of the shell a little faster.

    We have been WWOOF hosts (WWOOF USA) since 2016. In those seven years we’ve had twenty-five wwoofers or so.

    Since I discovered Permaculture it’s been a dream of mine to do a PDC. I’m ecstatic that the stars (and timezones) aligned so that I am able to join this PDC. Don’t worry about the early mornings and late nights for me. I don’t need much sleep. 🙂 Looking forward to learning Permaculture with you all!

  20. Hello everyone!

    I’m writing from Palawa Nation country, NW Tasmania, in the small seaside village of Penguin.
    My husband Andrew and I moved to this area (from southern Tasmania) almost twelve months ago and we absolutely love it.
    We have become involved with the wonderful community here; the local community op-shop and the development of a new community garden.
    We are passionate food gardeners and grow a lot of our own food on our small block, yet we’re keen to understand how we can bring efficiencies into this garden, as well as into the design of the new community garden.
    Very much looking forward to interacting and learning from everyone involved with this course and from Melliodora itself. We are grateful.
    Thank you and hello!

  21. Hi Everyone,
    I live on 3 acres just out of Toowoomba in Queensland. I grew up on a farm in N.S.W and have always had a love for growing my own food (with varying success) and a love of animals. As I’ve read from a few of you we also have an increasing number of possums who I wish would learn the principle of fair share. The wallabies are much more considerate. We live on the side of a hill which means one of my main issues is water management.
    I’m a nurse turned academic but I’m having an enforced break for 6 months as a result of spine surgery. I therefore thought that since I can’t physically do much in the garden it would be an ideal time to complete the PDC and make a plan for when I can get active again.
    I have completed the Milkwood introductory course and I’m part of the Toowoomba permaculture group from which I find continual inspiration.
    Can’t wait to meet everyone tonight.

  22. Hello everyone, my name is Jeanette. I am a designer, artist, creator and goldsmith, originally from England and now live in the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley in Melbourne.

    I grew up on the edge of a very interesting town called Totnes. It is a “transition town” (look that one up), but I didn’t know that at the time. I just knew it as the cool town where the people were different and us artists liked to hang out. Someone had a car that ran on chip shop oil, there were lots of great second-hand clothes shops and some people shared their gardens so that others without gardens could grow food. I loved the idea of being self-sufficient and read books on weaving and having chickens in my teenage years and dreamed of living in Findhorn (look that one up too).

    I left to train as a designer/ jeweller/ silversmith in London at the Royal College of Art and got caught up in the fashionable and beautiful world of design and making unique creations by hand for over 35 years.
    I love what I do and creating anything is a gift and blessing.

    However, at the beginning of 2020 I found I had time on my hands at home, too much thinking and I started to question the true value of jewellery and designer objects. I had a strong urge to extend my vegetable garden. And at the same time this Permaculture word kept cropping up. I wondered what is this Permaculture thing?
    When I started looking into it I found Geoff Lawton’s “Greening the Desert” video on YouTube and was wowed into believing this can heal the world!
    I was hooked.

    I went on to watch every You Tube video I could find on Permaculture. And it reignited my original desire to be more self-reliant and drastically change the way I lived. It had just been waiting dormant for all this time!
    I looked for an online PDC in Australia and as I couldn’t find any available, I signed up with VERGE Permaculture in Canada and completed my PDC with them in 2021. It was amazing!
    And I wanted more.
    As I always wanted to do an online PDC in Australia I jumped onboard here as soon as it became available.

    Over the last year I have turned my 1/2 acre garden into the beginnings of a permaculture property. Terracing steep sloping gardens so that I can store water in the ground and creating 6 raised vegetable beds out of recycled red brick. 1 made in every lockdown! I built a chook shed and straw yard and now have 4 chickens and bee hives.
    Harvesting your first honey and getting your first egg can only be described as magical.
    I have also been creating healthy soil over the last 4 months, gathering 30 bin liners of leaves from all around and preparing for planting an orchard. 1/2 of the trees and berries are now in. Some tree guilds established and this is the beginning of my food forest.
    I have eradicated all the chemical laced products from my house and learned how to make toothpaste, cleaning products, save seed, dehydrate, pickle and can food.
    I look forward to learning so much more here and sharing this time with you all.

  23. Robert Marnika

    My name is Robert and I’ve been striving for a long time to embark in the permaculture way of living and thinking. I was born in Croatia and raised on a small family farm where my family still uses traditional and pretty much sustainable way of growing. My aim is to expand and use as much of the permaculture principles and one day go back to my roots and apply it fully. Being a professional photographer for a few decades now, I want to use my skills to help develop businesses and permaculture enthusiasts.

  24. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Andrew.

    My wife Robyn Payne has done her intro and it tells a lot about our journey together over the last 13 years. My part of the journey goes a bit like this….

    Like Robyn, I retired from paid employment in 2012. I was a civil engineer and looking back, the ‘civil/community’ and soil and water parts of my career now resonate most strongly. Even more so since starting this PDC.

    As a newbie to Permaculture, I had a preconceived idea that it was all about garden design. This PDC and reading of Retro Suburbia in particular have enlightened me to the much broader principles of Permaculture. The three ethical cornerstones of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share are now strong guides for what we aspire to achieve in Penguin.

    Earth Care is what we practice at home in Penguin. We are growing fruit, vegies, herbs and natives using organic principles, home made soil amendments, composts and worm castings. Caring for the soil and encouraging plant and animal diversity is also paramount for us. The community garden we are planning with the district school (approx 600 students from kindergarten to year 12) and the local independent community op shop/kitchen will be based on similar principles.

    People Care is what we try to practice in our street and in our community. We have got to know several of our gardening neighbours, so we are sharing produce, similar to Retro Suburbia principles. We are now coordinating plantings with our neighbours for this season to ensure we don’t double up at harvest time. People Care will also be a key part of the community garden. A wide cross section of the community will be welcomed to the garden – indigenous, young families, the elderly, people with disabilities to name just some. We want children and their parents to learn about growing and enjoying good food, good friendship while looking after The Earth and each other.

    Fair Share will be a strong guide for the community garden. Produce will go to the community op shop/kitchen for meals for the needy, to the school canteen, to families within the school community and to members of the garden.

    Fair Share will also be a strong guide for how Robyn and I participate in wider community activities. We are learning about this community and the issues and challenges faced by many less fortunate than us. We want to facilitate and support leadership in our community that has community as its core constituency.

    So, Permaculture is giving us inspiration for a life of Active Hope.

  25. Hello everyone!
    I’m Courtney, the newcomer and I am looking forward to joining you all tonight. I live on Darug & Gundungurra land in the upper Blue Mountains, NSW. I’m a single mum to 3 kids. I’m into Breathwork, Permaculture and death and dying.
    I found an increasing love of being in the garden these past few years while the world has been getting more heightened. I love how the garden keeps me present while also healing the past and giving hope for the future.
    I have previously joined Milkwood courses and have wanted to do my PDC for a little while. I’ve dreamt of doing it in person at Melliodora, though I haven’t been able to make it happen – this is the next best thing! Recently, I’ve been a bit disheartened by the constant levels of rain, mould and possums. I’m looking at this PDC to inspire, learn, connect and bring all my current knowledge together. I am in quite a life transition and already feel this course helping to shape my next steps. I’m delighted to join you all on this journey!

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