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  1. Jordan Bromhead

    My question, David: if you could go back to 1978 just before Permaculture One was released and say one thing to your younger self. What would it be and why?

  2. Hi David. You mentioned last week that Indigenous cultures were inspirational to the initial concepts of permaculture. Could you expand on that and give some specific examples of particular practices or principles?

  3. Hello David,
    Building on the history of how the concept became as well as the inspiration taken in indigenous pratices, I was wondering what you think about including in PDCs around the world some “history” about the local practices. For instance, in Europe, it seems relevant to me to take a look at the forestry and agricultural practices dated 19th and early start of 20th century. When I look at these in Belgium, I find some similarities with permaculture approaches.
    Thank you

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